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Looking for an abaya that keeps you fully covered but doesn’t feel like a tent? Hijabunisa has got you! Our abayas are loose but not bulky. The lightweight, flowy fabric skims over your body for a flattering shape. The material is super soft against your skin and lets air flow through. That means you stay cool even on hot days. 

Our abayas come in basic shades as well as vibrant colors and designs if you want something extra. Button styles make them easy to get on and off. With adjustable cuffs and pockets too! HijabUnisa abayas give you modest coverage without any discomfort.

Jersey Hijab Scarf

Need a hijab scarf that stays put no matter what? HijabUnisa’s jersey hijabs are made from super stretchy cotton fabric. This allows them to hug your head perfectly without feeling too tight. The jersey material is lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable. But it’s also strong and won’t stretch out or lose its shape.

Jersey hijabs are great for an active lifestyle – the fabric dries quickly if you work up a sweat. They are available in an array of bright colors that do not fade even after several washes. Best of all, jersey wraps are easy to style into different hijab looks. Just wrap and go! Whether going to work, school or just running errands, these stretchy scarves provide modest coverage without any fuss.

Jersey Ahram Scarf

Are you on the hunt for a hijab that’s super soft, stretchy, and gives you full coverage without feeling stuffy? Then choose us!

The hijabs are made from premium jersey fabric, so it’s got a comfy, relaxed fit. It’s made of smooth, airy cloth that drapes wonderfully; it’s neither heavy nor bulky. The jersey material means you can wrap and style it in all sorts of ways.

And the best part? The Jersey Ahram Scarf comes in a ton of different solid colors, so you can easily find one (or a few!) that perfectly matches your wardrobe. Whether you want a classic black, a vibrant jewel tone, or something more neutral, you are just an order away.

So if you’re tired of hijabs that feel stiff and restrictive, give the Jersey Ahram Scarf a try. It’s the ultimate in comfort and style for the modern Muslimah. Grab one (or two or three!) and take your modest fashion game to the next level!

Jersey Chadar

Attention all the stylish, on-the-go Muslimahs out there! We have got the perfect hijab for you! Introducing the Jersey Chadar from Hijabunisa.

This versatile piece is made from the softest, stretchiest jersey fabric, so it’s perfectly comfortable to wear. But the real game-changer is how many different ways you can rock the Jersey Chadar. You may use it as a headscarf, shawl across your shoulders, or even dress it up!

The Jersey Chadar will keep you covered and feeling modest no matter how you want to style it, all without compromising style. Trust us, the Jersey Chadar is about to become your new travel bestie.

Stoller / Chakoor Scarf

When it comes to essential hijab pieces, you can’t go wrong with a scarf. And Hijabunisa has got the perfect one for you!

Our classic Scarf is made from the softest, silkiest material. It has a lovely, flowy drape that looks super elegant and refined. The best part? The scarf is available in all sorts of gorgeous prints and patterns. 

So, you can find a Scarf that not only keeps you covered but also provides you with your signature style. No more settling for boring, scratchy hijab scarves. The Hijab Unisa Scarf is your ticket to modest fashion that’s both comfortable and chic.

Jersey Stoller

Comfort and style, all wrapped up in one amazing hijab! This headpiece has the stretchiest jersey fabric, so it feels amazing on oneself. No more stiff, scratchy scarves that leave you feeling confident and uncomfortable. The Jersey Scarf is super relaxed and lightweight, making it perfect for all-day wear.

But don’t let the comfy factor fool you – this hijab is also seriously stylish. The generous size and draping design give you full coverage and a flattering, put-together look. Order now!

Hijab Caps

Tired of dealing with bulky, uneven hijab silhouettes? No more fussing and adjusting your hijab throughout the day. Hijab Caps from Hijabunisa are the secret to a flawless, streamlined modest look.

These innovative caps provide a sleek, seamless base to layer your hijab fabrics over. You don’t need to worry about lumps, bumps, and awkward bunching – the Hijab Cap creates a smooth, polished foundation for your hijab styling. From work to weddings to weekends, HijabUnisa has caps that make modest dressing so much easier. Check out our collections and find your perfect hijab!

The best part? The Hijab Caps come in a range of neutral shades, so they complement any hijab color or print you want to pair them with.

Grab one and revolutionize your hijab fashion now!

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